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Swift Question

Get only the string value from NSArray output

I am storing values from Json response like

self.NameArray = self.attachmentsArray.valueForKey("filename") as! NSArray



I got this output. I need to get the array only having

How to get it using swift code?

Answer Source
  • Convert NSArray to Swift Type [[String]]:

    let NameArray:NSArray = [["Din.pdf","img.jpeg"], [], [], [ "41_58" ]]
    let swiftArray = NameArray as! [[String]]
    let flattenedArray = swiftArray.flatMap{ $0 }

Credits: Eric Aya and Flatten a Array of Arrays in Swift

  • If you do not want to convert it into Swift Type:

    let NameArray:NSArray = [["Din.pdf","img.jpeg"], [], [], [ "41_58" ]]
    let arrFiltered:NSMutableArray! = []
    for arr in NameArray {
        for a in arr as! NSArray {
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