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Sass (Sass) Question

Why don't my SVG images scale using the CSS "width" property?

I'm building a portfolio website.


<div id = "hero">
<div id = "social">
<img src = "facebook.svg">
<img src = "linkedin.svg">
<img src = "instagram.svg">

CSS code (using SASS)

#hero {
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;
height: 300px;

#social {
width: 50%;
display: flex;
justify-content: space-between;
flex-wrap: wrap;

img {
width: 2em;

The problem is that I'm not able to resize SVGs using the CSS
property. Here is what I obtain in different cases:

img { width: 2em; }

enter image description here

img { width: 3em; }

enter image description here

img { width: em; }

enter image description here

Please note how icons collapse toward the middle of the

Instead, if I use the CSS

img { height: 2em; }

enter image description here

img { height: 3em; }

enter image description here

img { height: 4em; }

enter image description here

This behaviour is what I need, but I'm not sure this is the right way. Why this happens? Do you know better ways of resizeing SVG images (especially using the flexbox model)?

Answer Source

SVGs are different than bitmap images such as PNG etc. If an SVG has a viewBox - as yours appear to - then it will be scaled to fit it's defined viewport. It won't directly scale like a PNG would.

So increasing the width of the img won't make the icons any taller if the height is restricted. You'll just end up with the img horizontally centred in a wider box.

I believe your problem is that your SVGs have a fixed height defined in them. Open up the SVG files and make sure they either:

  1. have no width and height defined, or
  2. have width and height both set to "100%".

That should solve your problem. If it doesn't, post one of your SVGs into your question so we can see how it is defined.

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