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Objective-C - More elegant alternative to (*(uint16_t*)[[NSData] bytes])?

Here's the broader context - I need to byte swap some bytes that represent an unsigned 16 bit integer. The following code works, but seems a bit ridiculous:

CFSwapInt16(*(uint16_t*)[[myNSDataVariable] bytes]);

Here's what I've deduced is going on:

[[myNSDataVariable] bytes] returns a void pointer to a byte array.

The (uint16_t*) casts the void pointer to a uint16_t pointer.

The final outer * dereferences the uint16_t pointer, providing access to the actual uint16_t value.

Is there a more elegant way to get the uint16_t value from NSData?

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I'd say the following is more readable:

uint16_t *valuePtr = (uint16_t *)[myNSDataVariable bytes];
uint16_t swappedValue = CFSwapInt16(*valuePtr);

But ultimately you're going to do this conversion somewhere. If you're doing it more than once, I'd recommend a function to make it clearer:

uint16_t SwappedIntegerFromData(NSData *data) {
    uint16_t *valuePtr = (uint16_t *)[data bytes];
    return CFSwapInt16(*valuePtr);

uint16_t value = SwappedIntegerFromData(myNSDataVariable);

But again, the conversions have to go somewhere.