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Node.js Question

send data to express.js in a for loop

I need help with this, I really can't crack this one up.
I have this web site using

to call
queries and display them as tables, each in it's own page. To do so, I created 4 objects that include a name, a title and the query. when I have this code going four times (from
), It works great. But i want to put it into a for loop so I won't need 4 repetitions of the same lines, but then it doesn't work. the pages don't load... Any idea what is going on?

connection.query(queryPage[0].query, function(err, rows) {
var arr = [];
for (var i in rows) {
arr[i] = rows[i];
app.get('/' + queryPage[0].name, function(req, res) {
res.render('pages/' + queryPage[0].name, {
title: queryPage[0].title,
data: arr

Answer Source

I think you need something more like this

var queryPage = [ ... ];
// This route catches all request
app.get('/:name', function (req, res, next) { 
    // :name =

    var page;
    for(var i = 0, l = queryPage.length; i < l; i++)
        if(queryPage[i].name === {
            page = queryPage[i];

    // Check the page exists
    if(!page) return res.status(404).send('Not found');
    // if(!page) return next();

    connection.query(page.query, function(err, rows) {
        res.render('pages/' + , {
            title: page.title, 
            data: rows
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