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Javascript Question

Chrome: `fetch` takes too long


I changed the API from
and I still see the problem.

According to the console logs the delay is between "readyState 1"(i.e. OPENED) and "readyState 2"(i.e HEADERS_RECEIVED).

Also, maybe it is worth mentioning, that in Firefox it works fine.

I would appreciate a couple of pointers on how to debug why the call to
takes 1 sec in chrome.

According to "network" tab the request took only 12ms. However in my logs and the "timeline" tab the
takes 1.06 sec. (Screenshots below).

Any tips on how to figure out what is stalling the

Network Tab screenshot:
enter image description here

Timeline Tab screenshot:
enter image description here

Answer Source

Turns out it was a Chrome bug that has now been fixed in Chrome 54:

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