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Android Question

Put tables in one or several database files? (Bookings application)

I wonder when to use several tables in the same database file, and when to use multiple files? For example a separate database file for each table. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

I have "places", "persons" and "bookings". A person is booked to be in one place (at a certain time). Since there are some many-to- relations between them, they need to be in separate tables. Btw, this is a common task, so I wonder if anyone has links to examples or suggestions on how to solve it in the best way.


Your data model is simple, and can be perfectly implemented using 3 tables in the same database. If you use a SQLite database, this database would be one file.

There is no benefit here in creating several files/databases. It would only bring more complexity (and even slightly impact performance/startup time because you would need to open 3 db files)

You can find a tutorial on how to use SQLite (which is the best option if you want to store the data locally on the user device) with Android here.