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iOS Question

Is it possible to remove ["Page 1 of 20" view] in a UIwebview when displaying pdf?

I can not get to a solution after much googling.
I have a UIWebView with a PDF in it.

I do not want the view: "Page 1 of 20" The small view in the upper left corner when viewing a PDF file.
It is possible to remove this?

Answer Source

I found a solution to your question... You can Hide the "Page 1 of 20" using following code :

for (UIView* subView in [webView subviews])
    if ([subView isKindOfClass:[UIScrollView class]]) {
        for (UIView* shadowView in [subView subviews])
            if ([shadowView isKindOfClass:[UIImageView class]]) {
                [shadowView setHidden:YES];

Hope this may be helpful to some one... Thanks...

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