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Java Question

Running Powershell script remotely through Java

I am able to run the below powershell command through Powershell itself,

invoke-command -ComputerName "compName" -filepath "c:\script.ps1" -credential "admin"

but when I try running that through Java, I get an error. Sounds like "Invoke-command" is not recognized as a program to be run though Java. If this is the case, is there any other solution?

Process p = new ProcessBuilder()
.command("invoke-command", "-computername", "compName",
"-filepath", "C:\\script.ps1").start();

The error,

Cannot run program "invoke-command": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

P.S. the error is not related to the filePath provided rather it is around the invoke-command itself.

Thank you.

Answer Source

As you wrote invoke-command is a Powershell command, thus you have to call Powershell tu run the command like so:

Process p = new ProcessBuilder()
                .command("powershell", "invoke-command", "-computername", "compName",
                        "-filepath", "C:\\script.ps1").start();
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