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Rewriting a conditional chain as a sequence of one-liners

I have this code in Java which controls the main arm of a robot:

if (gamepad1.left_stick_y > 50)
else if (gamepad1.left_stick_y < -50)

That is only a small part, but there are a ton of conditionals just like that, some with only one statement if the condition is true. Can it be simplified to something like: [pseudo-code. Don't take it literally. I know it won't work]

if (gamepad1.left_stick_y > 50) mainArm.setDirection(DIRECTION_FORWARD), mainArm.setPower(50);
else if (gamepad1.left_stick_y < -50) mainArm.setDirection(DIRECTION_REVERSE), mainArm.setPower(50);

Unfortunately, the libraries used for interfacing directly with the hardware for setting power and such are closed source, so modifying them is out of the question.

Answer Source

This code would not compile:

if (gamepad1.left_stick_y>50) mainArm.setDirection(DIRECTION_FORWARD), mainArm.setPower(50);
//                                                                   ^

Your attempt at converting multiple operations into one by placing a comma would not work:

JLS 15.27: Unlike C and C++, the Java programming language has no comma operator.

One approach is to allow changing power and direction in a single call:

if (gamepad1.left_stick_y > 50) mainArm.setDirectionAndPower(DIRECTION_FORWARD, 50);

the libraries for setting power and such are closed source

If you cannot modify the library, you can make your own helper method to address this shortcoming:

private static void setDirectionAndPower(Arm arm, Direction dir, int pow) {
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