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pandas module to trim columns in python

Any idea why below code can't keep the first column of my csv file? I would like to keep several columns in a new csv file, first column included. And if I select the name of first column to be on new file.

I get an error :

"Type" not index.

import pandas as pd
f = pd.read_csv("1.csv")
keep_col = ['Type','Pol','Country','User Site Code','PG','Status']
new_f = f[keep_col]
new_f.to_csv("2.csv", index=False)

Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

Try f.columns.values.tolist() and check the output of the first column. It sounds like there is an encoding issue when you are reading the CSV. You can try specifying the "encoding" option in your pd.read_csv() to see if that will get rid of the extra characters at the front. Otherwise, you can use f.rename(columns={'F48FBFBFType':'Type'} to change whatever the current name of your first column is to simply be 'Type'.

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