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Trigger iphone video recording after x seconds

In a swift app, I want to start recording a video with the camera, after a 10 seconds wait.

Once the 10 seconds wait is over, this function is called:

func startRecording() {
// trigger video recording

So far, when a user clicked on a "Record video button", it displayed the camera interface, and the user then had to click on the built-in record button:

@IBAction func recordVideo(sender: AnyObject) {
if (UIImagePickerController.isSourceTypeAvailable(.Camera)) {
if UIImagePickerController.availableCaptureModesForCameraDevice(.Rear) != nil {
imagePicker.sourceType = .Camera
imagePicker.mediaTypes = [kUTTypeMovie as String]
imagePicker.allowsEditing = false
imagePicker.delegate = self
presentViewController(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: {})
} else {
postAlert("Rear camera doesn't exist", message: "Application cannot access the camera.")
} else {
postAlert("Camera inaccessible", message: "Application cannot access the camera.")

What I'm trying to do, is trigger automatically the recording, 10 seconds after the "Record video button" was hit.

I couldn't find information on how to "trigger" the recording.
Is there a way of doing this ?

Thanks for your help

Answer Source

You could add this after presenting the UIImagePickerController:

imagePicker.performSelector(#selector(UIImagePickerController.startVideoCapture), withObject: nil, afterDelay: 10)
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