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Javascript Question

Administrative relations of a place with openstreetmap

I did a lot of research about how to use overpass-api tried a lot of things on but i can't find the way to get the result i'm expecting ...

I would like with a query, to find all the relations a place has but only administrative relations (department of the place, region of the place, country) everyhting that is assimilated to an "AdministrativeArea"

Tried this with both nominatim and the overpass_api

If any of you guys have an idea
Thanks !

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Answer Source

Just use the following query to get the result:

is_in(45.6178738,4.6703107)->.a; rel(pivot.a)[boundary=administrative]; out tags;

I used the center point 45.6178738,4.6703107 to get all relevant relations this point is contained in.

Try it in overpass turbo:

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