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Android Question

Google app engine entity gets deleted agter 7 days

I'm using Google cloud for back end of my Android app.
I save an entity:


But after 7 days the entity gets deleted from the datastore.
I want to keep them forever, or at least for much longer period.

Answer Source

It is possible that you reuse an entity's id and therefor overwrite the existing entity yourself every 7 days (well or a web crawler does).

Take a look at the datastore in the developers console. You should see only a few writes to your entity, but if i'm right you'll see something like 5 writes and more (the actual write count depends on the amount of indexes defined in your entity).

To make sure this doesn't happen you can simply set the @Id Long id property of your greeting to null before you call save() so you'll get an auto generated id.

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