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iOS Question

class instance to all ViewControllers

I wish to avoid writing "let APIHelper = API()" in every UIViewController, instead I did this:

extension UIViewController {
func APIHelper() -> API {
let api = API()
return api

and now it is working like self.APIHelper().callMethod(), but I'm not really sure if it is the way to do it. any tips on best practice?

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Your extension useless, since it just same as calling API() everytime:

self.APIHelper().callSecondMethod() //here you created another API instance

same as


If API is singletone, idea looks ok, but in swift you usually create singletone with static constant:

class API {
    static let sharedAPI = API()

and access to it like this:

API.sharedAPI.callSecondMethod() //now called in same API instance

If you don't want to write API.sharedAPI everytime, then you can use:

Your extension

extension UIViewController {
    var apiHelper: API {return API.sharedAPI}

Not recommended as @NickCatib explained.

Base view controller

as @NickCatib suggested (easier with variable):

class BaseViewController: UIViewController {
    // some of the code you might need
    var apiHelper: API {return API.sharedAPI}


If you use API in view controllers time to time, can be better declare protocol

protocol API {
    var apiHelper: API {get}

with default implementation

extension API {
    var apiHelper: API {return API.sharedAPI}

and connect it to your viewController only when needed

class ViewControllerThatNeedsAPI: UIViewController, API {
    // apiHelper avalible here

With all three ways you access your API like this:

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