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Jasmine: Testing a function returning a promise

I am writing tests using Jasmine for my angular application. All the tests are passing. My class looks like follows:

class xyz implements ng.IComponentController {
private myList: ng.IPromise<MyList[]> ;
//declare necessary variables
/* @ngInject */
constructor(private ListService: ListService,
) {
this.myList = this.ListService.getList();

public onChange(): void {
scope.isUnique = unique;
scope.errorNameInput = !reg.test( || !scope.isUnique;
//do something

public isNameUnique(name: string): ng.IPromise<boolean> {
return this.myList
(names) => {
_.mapValues(names, function(name){
return name.uuid.toLowerCase();
return (_.findIndex(names, { uuid : uuid.toLowerCase() }) === -1) ? true : false;

Here, I am using ListService to pre-populate my list in the constructor itself (so it calls the service only once). Then, in my onChange method, I am checking
if a name is unique or not. The isNameUnique is returning a boolean promise.
Now, I'm trying to get 100% coverage for my test. I'm getting confused about testing isNameUnique method here. My first test is:

(Assuming myList is a json similar to response I will get from service)

this.$scope.myFunction = jasmine.createSpy('myFunction');
it('should ...', function() {
this.view.find(NAME_INPUT).val('blue').change(); // my view element.
this.controller.isNameUnique('blue').then(function (unique) {
expect(unique).toEqual(false); //since blue is already in my json
expect(this.controller.errorNameInput).toEqual(true); //since its not unique, errornameinput will be set to true

I would expect this test to cover the line:
scope.errorNameInput = !reg.test( || !scope.isUnique
and invocation of
but it still shows uncovered. Not sure why.

Please let me know if you see anything else wrong since I'm quite new to Angular and Jasmine. Thanks.

Answer Source

You need to call $scope.$digest() to cause your promise to resolve in your test. There is a handy tutorial that discusses this in depth here

Hope that helps!

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