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Existing UI libraries to use with React.js?

I'm learning React.js. I got the feeling that React is great with building highly reusable UI components. It only has the "method" about how to build or organize a reusable component. Itself doesn't include any UI components ready to use.

So I need find some UI widget library to use with React. Here comes the problem. Most of the existing UI widget libraries aren't built particularly for React. It means Even I write a reusable component. The component is still manipulating the DOM with its own method instead of utilizing the virtual DOM concept of React.

Am I right?

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Nowadays, there exist several UI widget libraries for React.js:

The React.js wiki-page also lists numerous (likely not compatible) individual UI widgets.

It would be great if UI libraries and individual widgets could easily be used together but that is not the case today. CSS is originally designed for styling simple web pages. It is not very well suited for creating reusable user interface components which can be styled and laid out independently.

React's component based approach to separation of concerns (instead of separation of HTML, CSS and JS) has enabled new experimentation where JavaScript is used to solve problems in CSS. Christopher Chedeau's presentation CSS in JS summarizes the philosophy. Michele Bertoli's repository css-in-js collects together the different concrete experiments.

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