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Linux Question

can't access /dev/sda3 from non-root user

unable to access a partition MyMedia (/Dev/sda3) on Ubuntu 14.04 which I've dual booted alongside windows-7.
I've kept this partition for Ubuntu related installation and downloads.

hdpusr@akshay-300E4Z-300E5Z-300E7Z:/media/akshay$ ls -l
total 52
drwx------ 1 akshay akshay 24576 Apr 9 10:51 Movies
drwx------ 1 akshay akshay 12288 Apr 23 12:31 MyMedia
drwx------ 1 akshay akshay 16384 Apr 7 15:54 Windows

hdpusr@akshay-300E4Z-300E5Z-300E7Z:/media/akshay$ cd MyMedia
bash: cd: MyMedia: Permission denied

Answer Source

i added this line in fstab and now i am able to access the partition /dev/sda3 (MyMedia) ->

UUID=84DA4105DA40F548   /media/akshay/MyMedia   ntfs    auto,rw,user,exec   00
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