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React JSX Question

What is a good CMS to use on top of React?

I've made multiple ReactJs based websites for customers and at one point the customer needs to change texts on the website. Since the nature of React, all the texts are in the code and they will need a developer to do simple content updates.

What is the best way to allow a marketer to update the content themselves in a React based app?

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I would recommend Instant - they just released a React integration. Instant is a headless, inline content management SaaS tool. You can just add it to your React app and it works out of the box.

Create an Instant account first. Then, install it.

npm install --save txt.js

Next up: initialize Instant.

import Txt from 'txt.js'
Txt.refresh({id: '<your-account-id>'})

That's all. Try it here:

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