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Custom C++ cout class - output to both console and log file

I'm working on a program that makes heavy use of "cout << strSomething;" to log information to the console. I need to modify the program so that all console output goes to both the console AND a file. Although I can modify the "cout <<" in our code, there are several large third party libraries that also use "cout <<"; those libraries cannot be modified due to their licenses - so modifying all references to "cout <<" is not a solution. Also, the use of "wtee.exe" isn't possible due to the manner in which the command lines are executed.

I am using Visual Studio 2008. I've seen the posting at Google Groups: redirect cout to file, which appears to do EXACTLY what I want to do. The only problem is that the code won't compile. I get C2248 errors "cannot access protected member" on the ->overflow() and ->sync() method calls.

Would anyone know how to get this code to compile? Or an alternate way of redirecting cout to both console and file simultaneously?

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The sync calls can be replaced with pubsync. As for the overflow call I think that may be a typo. as it looks as if it should be a call to sputc.

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