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Git Question

How to create a Package with Python-for-Android in windows?

I am using

Kivy framework
. I want to create a package for android using the
project in windows 7. I read this link The Buildozer as I read automates the entire build process but it currently works only in Linux. The other method given here uses
which I am not aware of much and it also says that you'll need a linux computer or a virtual machine. Please furnish me with some method to create a complete
apk package
without the git knowledge
in the windows
. Thanks.

Answer Source

you dont build it in windows ... you build it in linux ... luckily they made it easy to run linux in windows.

  1. you download oracle virtualbox

  1. then you download the image that kivy provides that is all setup to build android packages for you

(you now have a linux machine ready to build on)

  1. then you build in the virtualbox following the standard build procedure outlined here
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