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Python Question

python - for loop running for len(A)-1 times omitting 0

I am running the below code.

Can anybody explain to me why the for loop in my code is not running for p=7? I meant to run the loop len(A)-1 times (omitting 0). I used

for p in xrange(1,n-1)

There is the whole routine

A=[-1, 3, -4, 5, 1, -6, 2, 1]
P=[-1, 2, -2, 3, 4, -2, 0, 1]

def solution(A):

for p in xrange(1,n-1):

if P[p-1]==P[n-1]-P[p-1]-A[p]:

return results

Answer Source

range(a, b) (or xrange) iterates from a to b-1 included. So the loop with xrange(1,n-1) will run n-2 times.

Look at the docs!

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