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How to Hide Vimeo Controls

Our students are provided with video tutorials using Vimeo.

Once a student was done with watching the videos, s/he is presented with some quizzes.

What we discovered was that the students would use fast Forward control to move the slider forward to shorten the time it takes to watch the videos.

We want to stop that and we are wondering if there is a way to either disable or hide the fast Forward control so students are no longer able to move forward to shorten the video time.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Make sure you are logged into Vimeo.

  2. Go to the video settings page: https://vimeo.com/{enter_video_id}/settings/embed

  3. Uncheck Show Play Bar under Player Preferences

enter image description here

Edit: You must have a Plus or Pro account to use these features.

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