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C++ Question

symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 error on mac osx

I am currently studying classes in C++. I am using Eclipse Luna on a MAC OSX. I am unsure about this error message.Snap of Error Message
What could be causing the compilation error?

The code is simply designing a payment system for a juice dispenser.

Thank you.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

void disProduct (string);

int main ()
int choice;
string orange, apple, mango, strawberryBanana;

cout << "1 for orange juice \n"
<< "2 for apple juice \n"
<< "3 for mango juice \n"
<< "4 for strawberry-banana juice \n"
<< "9 to exit \n";

cin >> choice;

case 1:disProduct(orange);
case 2:disProduct(apple);
case 3:disProduct(mango);
case 4:disProduct(strawberryBanana);

return 0;

void dispProduct (string name)
int vend;
cout << "please enter 50 cents";
cin >> vend;

while (vend > 0)
if(vend < 50)
cout << "Please enter the remaining amount of " << 50- vend;

if (vend >= 50)
cout << "please take your "<< name <<"juice and change
<< in the amount of " << vend - 50;


Answer Source

Declared function prototype is void disProduct (string); but the actual definition is void dispProduct (string name) and both the names are not same.

And also add string header too.

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