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C Question

How to run a C program in bash script and give it some values of a defined constant?

I have a program in C (bact.c), where I define a constant value N.

I would then like to run the code for different values of N,
not consecutively (e.g. N=100,120,300,350,426...).

How can I automate the process with a script, which loops over the
choosen values N? Is it possible without scanf?

Thank you very much in advance.

Answer Source

This would only work if your program accepts the value of N as a command-line argument.

If you call your program as ./a.out 3 where 3 is the value for N, then you could write a one-liner in the terminal as:

for N in {100,120,300,350,426}; do ./a.out $N; done

You can even make a script out of it if you like.

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