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Cscope problem - Search results invisible

I am facing a weird problem. While browsing the C code of a project, the "Find this text string:" output results in a positive match, but the text is invisible [only the search results are invisible and not the menu]. The cursor moves up and down the list of results. Some of the lines are visible sometimes as you can see in the screen-shot below.
I did try to change the background color [from black to white], removed any instance of cscope.out in the project folder, rebuilt the database.

The system is FC4.
The cscope version in use is 15.7a.

Is this a known bug? Any solutions?

The screen-shots are taken using Putty. Same behavior is seen on gnome-terminal, konsole.

P.S: Also posted in ubuntu forums -

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Well, found the solution. The problem is with the format of the file. If the files have Ctrl+M at the end of the line, cscope will have issues with them.

Do a dos2unix conversion on all the test files in the directory. This should solve the problem.


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