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Apache Configuration Question

Gitlab on port 8080

I'm currently in the process of trying to get Gitlab omnibus installed on my private Debian server, and it works perfectly on port 80, the problem is I also have an Apache server listening on port 80. So I'm trying to get Nginx listening on port 8080 but for some reason I'm getting a
Gitlab is not responding" Error
I have edited both "external_url" in gitlab.rb and also the port number under the server block in the nginx.conf file. and no joy.

If someone could help me that would be great!

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Most likely you have another service listening on 8080, I think the omnibus install have some service hooking 8080 - just use 8081 instead.

Edit: I just did a quick search and found that it's the unicorn server that is listening to 8080 with the original omnibus installer.

Note: You will only need to change the external_url in gitlab.rb, no other config file should have to be edited for this.

Edit#2: As @emeraldjava stated there is an option in the configuration file for using another unicorn port: #unicorn['port'] = '8080'

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