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C++ Question

Codeblocks doesn't stop at breakpoints

I am trying to debug C++ project in Codeblocks, but it's not stopping at breakpoints. I read the other answers and have tried the following things so far:

  1. (
    Build Options > Compiler Settings
    Produce debugging symbols
    is checked,
    strip all symbols
    is unchecked.

  2. No spaces/non-ascii values in my file path.

  3. Running the debug version.

  4. Debugger in (
    Settings > Compiler > Toolchain Executables
    ) set to
    GDB/CDB Debugger:Default

  5. Executable path in (
    Settings > Debugger > GDB/CDB Debugger:Default
    ) is

Its still not stopping at breakpoints and the debugger log is mentioning that no debugging symbols found
What am I missing here ?

Answer Source

While trying to fix this,I came across a lot of similar questions where CodeBlocks is ignoring breakpoints during debugging, so here's the fixes I have came across so far.

1.Clean and rebuild.
2.Ensure that (Build Options > Compiler Settings) Produce debugging symbols is checked, strip all symbols is unchecked. Please ensure this is done in global settings AND project settings.This fixed it for me.
3.Check so that there are no spaces/non-ASCII values in the project file path.
4.Check if you are running the debug version, not release.The executable from Release build will be \bin\Release , and the executable from a Debug build will be in \bin\Debug .
5. Check that Debugger in (Settings > Compiler > Toolchain Executables) is set to GDB/CDB Debugger:Default.
6.Check that executable path in (Settings > Debugger > GDB/CDB Debugger:Default) is valid gdb path like (C:\MinGW\bin\gdb.exe).
7.Update Codeblocks(last resort).
Please add in comments anything else that worked for you.

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