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Loading image using Picasso showing colors in corners

I use Picasso library for loading images in my app. But in some images,it shows a colored corner.See the red color in attached image. Does anyone know why this happens? How to sort this out?See the red color here


Picasso picasso = Picasso.with(getActivity());
.into(eventImage, new Callback() {
public void onSuccess() {


public void onError() {
Log.d("Error...", "picasso load error");

Nas Nas
Answer Source

Set picasso.setIndicatorsEnabled(false); in your picasso object.

Red color indicates that image is fetched from network.

Green color indicates that image is fetched from cache memory.

Blue color indicates that image is fetched from disk memory.

picasso.setDebugging(true); is deprecated

use picasso.setLoggingEnabled(true);

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