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passing parameters through url to view django

I'm having some difficulty passing values to my view through url.

So far, I've managed to run my view without any issues. (draws a graph):

def draw(request)
return HttpResponse (buffer.getvalue(), content_type="Image/png")

but I need my view to take input from users, so I edited it and added an extra parameter:

def draw(request, loan_amount)
loanAmount = loan_amount

The user input is passed from a form, to another view:

def search_member(request):
loanAmount = request.GET.get('desired_loan')
return render(request, 'blog/search_member.html', {'loanAmount':loanAmount)

In my template, I insert the user input in the draw's parameter:

<img src="{{ loanAmount }}">

This is suppose to draw an image base on the user input, instead I get no image at all.

If I remove the parameter, the image works fine. I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong with the setup of the parameter, most likely in the template, or url:

url(r'^graph/(?P<desired_loan>\d+)/$', views.draw, name='draw'),

I have tested the view, form and everything else, they all work. How can I narrow down this problem to find the solution?

Any direction/help would be appreciated,


<form method="GET" action="/search_member/" class="navbar-form pull-left">

<input type="number" step = "any" id="searchBox" class="input-medium search-query" name="desired_loan" placeholder="Desired Loan"><br>
<input type="number" step = "any" id="searchBox" class="input-medium search-query" name="repayment_time" placeholder="Payment Time"><br>

<input type="submit" class="btn" value="Draw Graph" >

<img src="{{ loanAmount }}">

screen shot:

The picture doesn't show

Answer Source

Fo url like

url(r'^graph/(?P<desired_loan>\d+)/$', views.draw, name='draw'),

Change your view to:

def draw(request, *args, **kwargs):
 loanAmount = kwargs['desired_loan']

Then change in template:

<img src="{% url 'graph' loanAmount %}">
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