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RxJS: Debounce with regular sampling

I have an

that emits a stream of values from user input (offset values of a slider).

I want to debounce that stream, so while the user is busy sliding, I only emit a value if nothing has come through for, say 100ms, to avoid being flooded with values. But then I also want to emit a value every 1 second if it is just endlessly debouncing (user is sliding back and forth continuously). Once the user stops sliding though, I just want the final value from the debounced stream.

So I want to combine the debounce with a regular "sampling" of the stream. Right now my setup is something like this:

const debounce$ = slider$.debounceTime(100),
sampler$ = slider$.auditTime(1000);

.subscribe((value) => console.log(value));

Assuming the user moves the slider for 2.4 seconds, this emits values as follows:

start end
| | | |
1.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 <-- unwanted value at the end
^ ^ ^
sample sample debounce <-- these are all good

I don't want that extra value emitted at 3 seconds (from the

is the wrong way to combine these two streams, but I can't figure out what combination of switch, race, window or whatever to use here.

Answer Source

You can solve the problem by composing an observable that serves as a signal, indicating whether or not the user is currently sliding. This should do it:

const sliding$ = slider$.mapTo(true).merge(debounce$.mapTo(false));

And you can use that to control whether or not the sampler$ emits a value.

A working example:

const since = Date.now();
const slider$ = new Rx.Subject();

const debounce$ = slider$.debounceTime(100);
const sliding$ = slider$.mapTo(true).merge(debounce$.mapTo(false));

const sampler$ = slider$
  .filter(([value, sliding]) => sliding)
  .map(([value]) => value);

  .subscribe(value => console.log(`${time()}: ${value}`));

// Simulate sliding:

let value = 0;
for (let i = 0; i <= 2400; i += 10) {
  value += Math.random() > 0.5 ? 1 : -1;
  slide(value, i);

function slide(value, at) {
  setTimeout(() => slider$.next(value), at);

function time() {
  return `T+${((Date.now() - since) / 1000).toFixed(3)}`;
.as-console-wrapper { max-height: 100% !important; top: 0; }
<script src="https://unpkg.com/rxjs@5/bundles/Rx.min.js"></script>

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