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R Question

lapply - dividing columns and calculate standard deviation

I have got a list with 10 data.frames and I just need to divide two columns for each data.frame and after calculate the relative standard deviation.

I would like to use lapply.

Here an example of one of the data.frame contained within the list:

df <- read.table(text = 'X Y
2 4
5 3
1 2
7 1
4 2
6 1', header = TRUE)

I have to perform the following operations with lapply for all my 10 data.frames:

ratio <- df$X / df$Y
sd <- sd(ratio)

Answer Source

We can do this by looping over the list with lapply, extract the columns of interest, divide to get the 'ratio' and then do the sd on that ratio. (It could be done on a single step too)

lapply(lst, function(x) {ratio <- x$X/x$Y
                        sd(ratio) })

where 'lst' is the list of 'data.frame's.

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