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Javascript Question

Force CKEDITOR to refresh config

I created a cms application that use CKEDITOR and when I add some functionality to CKEDITOR I need to refresh some CKEDITOR .js /.css file.

But CKEDITOR force the browser to cache them.

I see that it uses a querystring to all .js/.css files

This querystring reflect the CKEDITOR version I suppose:


Is there an embedded method to do that in CKEDITOR?

I could not find anything in the documentation.
I'm using CKEDITOR 4

The main problem is that when I upload some changes they are not updated by the clients and new functionality are not available or worst case CKEDITOR does not work.

Answer Source

I have found a quite elegant way:

It is enough to set:


just after you link ckeditor.js or anyhow before ckeditor loads all its files

this is the variable CKEDITOR uses to add timestamp to all .js .css files it loads dynamically.

So every time I change those files I update that variable and browsers will reload them.

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