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Plotting Thematic Maps in R Using Shapefiles and Data Files from DIfferent Sources

Given a shapefile, how do I shape and use a data file in order to be able to plot thematic maps using identifiers that correspond to shape regions in the shapefile?

#Download English Government Office Network Regions (GOR) from:
tmp_dir = tempdir()
url_data = ""
zip_file = sprintf("%s/", tmp_dir)
download.file(url_data, zip_file)
unzip(zip_file, exdir = tmp_dir)


#Load in the data file (could this be done from the downloaded zip file directly?
gor=readShapeSpatial(sprintf('%s/Regions.shp', tmp_dir))

#I can plot the shapefile okay...

#and I can use these commands to get a feel for the data...
#[1] North East North West
#[3] Greater London Authority West Midlands
#[5] Yorkshire and The Humber South West
#[7] East Midlands South East
#[9] East of England
#9 Levels: East Midlands East of England ... Yorkshire and The Humber

#download data from
#insolvency<- read.csv("~/Downloads/csq-q3-2011-insolvency-tables.csv")
insolvencygor.2011Q3=subset(insolvency,Time.Period=='2011 Q3' & Geography.Type=='Government office region')
#tidy the data

#[1] "Time.Period" "Geography"
#[3] "Geography.Type" "Company.Winding.up.Petition"
#[5] "Creditors.Petition" "Debtors.Petition"

#[1] "East" "East Midlands"
#[3] "London" "North East"
#[5] "North West" "South East"
#[7] "South West" "Wales"
#[9] "West Midlands" "Yorkshire and the Humber"

#So what next?

Having got that far, how do I take the next step in generating a thematic/choropleth map, that colours each region according to the the Debtors.Petition value, for example?

(I also just noticed a possible gotcha - there is a mismatch in the capitalisation GOR levels: "Yorkshire and the Humber" and "Yorkshire and The Humber" )

Answer Source

Having not seen the wood for the trees, to answer my own question, here's one way (code following on from code in the question):

#Convert factors to numeric [ ]
#There's probably a much better formulaic way of doing this/automating this?

#Tweak the levels so they match exactly (really should do this via a lookup table of some sort?)
i2c=c('East of England','East Midlands','Greater London Authority','North East','North West','South East','South West','Wales','West Midlands','Yorkshire and The Humber')

#Merge the data with the shapefile

#Plot the data using a greyscale

So what this approach does is merge the numeric data into the shapefile, and then plot it directly.

That said, wouldn't a cleaner way be to keep the data file and the shapefile separate? (I'm still not sure how to do that?)

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