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Git Question

I need to transfer an already built maven project to a new machine

I cannot build the project again on the new machine as I do not have access to the Maven repository, nor do I have the access to the git repository. How would I accomplish this? I would assume that I would only need to copy the project directory along with the

over to the new machine, but I'm sure there is more to it than just these two steps.

Asked another way, the question is: How do I share/host/daisy-chain a private Git repository so that I can easily access it when I'm not on the network?

I copied over my eclipse directory, my .m2 directory, as well as my project directory. I have tons of "Cannot be resolved to a type" errors. Clearly, something is missing here.

Answer Source

reconfigure repository tag in your pom.xml like this

    <!-- make this repository at the first item in the list -->

        <url>file://[your custom .m2 path]</url>

        <!-- other repositories here -->

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