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jQuery change z-index with data-*

I have divs that all occupy the same space, and I want to set up jQuery that has one div come on top of the other as different tabs are clicked. I assume this has to be done by changing the z-index attribute using a data-* attribute that connects the tab to the div.

/*The tabs to be clicked*/

<ul class="tabs">
<li class="tab" data-tabcontainer-id="websites" style="background-color:#1aa3ff;">Websites</li>
<li class="tab" data-tabcontainer-id="sitemaps">Sitemaps</li>
<li class="tab" data-tabcontainer-id="pages">Pages</li>

/*The divs that need to come on top of each other*/

<div id="websites" class="tabcontainer">Websites</div>
<div id="sitemaps" class="tabcontainer">Sitemaps</div>
<div id="pages" class="tabcontainer">Pages</div>

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This is how you can change the z-index property using the data attribute.


    var target = $(this).data('tabcontainer-id');
    $('.tabcontainer').css('z-index', '0'); //resets z-index to 0 for all other
    $('.tabcontainer#'+target).css('z-index', '1'); //sets z-index for current target to 1

I wrote the answer just to meet what you were asking. But reading your question I think you should have a look at the tabs feature by jQuery UI. May be it will help.


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