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MySQL Question

How to create integer of a certain length with Sqlalchemy?

I've tried two approaches and both are not working, I searched on Google and didn't find any proper solutions. My code looks like:

intField = Column(SmallInt(), length=5)

And the error says:

Unknown arguments passed to Column: ['length']

I also tried, knowing it shouldn't work, this solution:

intField = Column(SmallInt(5))

And it does not work because this SqlAlchemy datatype doesn't accept arguments.

Any ideas?


I'm using
as database engine, so the solution here is to import mysql's own Integer type, and then specify the length I want it to be.

In the above example, I would only need to do:

from sqlalchemy.dialects import mysql

Integer = mysql.INTEGER

class ...
intField = Column(Integer(5))

But I still wonder if there is a more generic approach?

Answer Source


Use Decimal(5, 0) to a field with 5 digits.

Use this only if you really need a number. If won't do math with this field, prefer a String(5) and validate the digits (isdigit() is your friend).

In SQLAlchemy, handle it as a Numeric field.

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