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Plotting Multiple Groupedby Pandas

Make a plot for a large data set that I want to plot with Pandas groupby.

The groupby is two layers. One is numeric (desired x-axis) and one is categorical (wanting to make this different boxes on a stacked bar chart. I sum the values of the groups and that will create my y_axis.

So I construct the following group by dataframe.

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
data= pd.DataFrame()

data['x_axis'] = [1,1,2,2]
data['category'] = ['a','b','a','b']
data['y_value'] = [10,15,20,30]

data = data.groupby(['x_axis','category']).sum()
data.reset_index(inplace = True) = 'x_axis', y= 'y_value', stacked = True)

This results in the following

numeric_x_axis category sum_value
1 a 10
b 15
2 a 20
b 30

Therefore the desires chart would have a stacked bar chart with a x axis of (1,2) and stacked bars for a and b with the sum value as the y axis value.

However the chart appear with multiple repeat x_axis values.

Answer Source

Are you sure you want to use groupby? Based on your description, it seems as though you would be better served by pivot.

data = pd.DataFrame()

data['x_axis'] = [1,1,2,2]
data['category'] = ['a','b','a','b']
data['y_value'] = [10,15,20,30]

pivoted_data = data.pivot('x_axis', 'category')
pivoted_data.plot(kind='bar', stacked=True)

enter image description here

Note, the pivoted dataframe looks like

In [2]: pivoted_data
category       a   b
1             10  15
2             20  30
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