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SimpleXML Export "SimpleXMLElement::__set_state(array(" in Variable

I'm trying to take a variable from an xml file and save it as a php file

$xmlresponse = simplexml_load_string($dom->saveXML());
$shipmentid = $xmlresponse->ListInboundShipmentsResult->ShipmentData->member->ShipmentId;
echo '<br />' . $shipmentid . '<br />';

$todaydt = new DateTime('today');
$today3 = $todaydt->format('m-d-Y') . PHP_EOL;
$today = rtrim($today3);
$var_str = var_export($shipmentid, true);
$var = "<?php\n\n\$shipmentid = $var_str;\n\n?>";
file_put_contents('shipmentid_' . $today . '.php', $var);


But in my
file it is giving me

$shipmentid = SimpleXMLElement::__set_state(array(
0 => 'shipmentid',

How can I save the variable so it is just simply

$shipmentid = 'shipmentid';


Answer Source

When you do

echo '<br />' . $shipmentid . '<br />';

php implicitly converts $shipmentid value to a string. var_export does not do it, so you need to convert it by yourself:

$var_str = strval($shipmentid);

Next thing is that $var_str is a string and does not contains any quotes around. So, again you need to write quotes by yourself:

// with double quotes
$var = "<?php\n\n\$shipmentid = \"$var_str\";\n\n?>";
// with single quotes
$var = "<?php\n\n\$shipmentid = '$var_str';\n\n?>";