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SQL Question

Get closet time to current time php

I have table like this:

Database Image

Assume current date and time is

2016-07-14 23:43:00

Question is I need to get next time after the current time. But it should be within the day. (

Time will be user input so cant call it with ID.

Example: if I add the code it will gives me
2016-07-14 23:45:00

Is there any way to achieve this? I have no idea about this. Please help me.

I use query like this for now.
SELECT * FROM video WHERE datetime > '$now' ORDER BY datetime LIMIT 1

Answer Source

You should just need to calculate the start of the next day, and take values less than it.

SELECT * FROM video 
WHERE datetime > '$now'
   AND datetime < CAST(DATE('$now') + INTERVAL 1 DAY AS DATETIME)
ORDER BY datetime 
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