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Efficient code for checking offset in pixel coordinates

I'm making a tile-based rendering method for a game, using Java.

There is the possibility of the first row (and column) of tiles be partially drawn on screen and i want to know how many pixel of these tiles are on screen.

I came up with this (for checking the max X coordinates of broken tiles):

int brokenX = xOffset; //xOffset can be any number
while (brokenX < 0){
brokenX += tileSet.getTileSize(); //corrects if the number is negative
while (brokenX >= tileSet.getTileSize()){
brokenX -= tileSet.getTileSize(); //corrects if the number is too big

This works fine. But it seems like a waste of resources (considering it will be done twice for each frame).

Is there some efficient way (bit masks and such) of doing this?

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I'd suggest to use a library function. Obviously, it's an huge overkill for this task, but there's much more in a good library. My favorite is Guava and this is the mod method:

int result = x % m;
return (result >= 0) ? result : result + m;

An example should make it clear. I'm trying the numbers 13, 3, -7, -17 modulo 10, which all should return the same result.

  • 13 % 10 = 3, that's OK
  • 3 % 10 = 3, still OK
  • -7 % 10 = -7 is negative and unusable as index, but with-7 % 10 + 10 = 3 it's fine.
  • -17 % 10 + 10 = 3 is fine, too.

So for result < 0, or equivalently m < 0, you need to add m to get a positive result.

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