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Ruby Question

What does this snippet of code in the children variable array mean?

def breadth_first_search(adj_matrix, source_index, end_index)
node_queue = [source_index]
puts "#{source_index} stored into queue \n"

loop do
curr_node = node_queue.pop
puts "#{curr_node} popped \n"
return false if curr_node == nil
return true if curr_node == end_index

children = (0..adj_matrix.length-1).to_a.select do |i|
adj_matrix[curr_node][i] == 1


puts "children: #{children}"
node_queue = children + node_queue
puts "node_queue: #{node_queue}"

I can understand what it does conceptually, but the actual syntax is what I don't understand. Is the children variable an array that stores elements with a loop?

Answer Source

The variable children is being set to the result of the enumerable method select

select is a method often called on an array which takes a block. The return value is only the values of the original array in which the block returns a truthy object (e.g. not false, not nil)

(0..adj_matrix.length-1) is a range object, from 0 to the length of adj_matrix, which is converted to an array via to_a (resulting in [0, 1, 2, ...])

Then that array is filtered by select to only be the values in which adj_matrix[curr_node][i] == 1. So if the nodes at index 0 and 2, are equal to 1

then the result would be [0, 2]

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