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How do I hide bullets in LaTeX lists?

Semantically, I want an itemized list, but visually I just want some space. How can I hide the bullets?

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I can't speak for any other setup, but I'm using Tufte-Latex on MacTex, and I just typed the following:


It worked. :-) I love it when guessing does that. So just try adding [] after.

P.S. the "generalized" list from lindelof worked also, but they didn't line up as nicely as with itemize. Jakub's suggestion was what inspired my guess, when I tried it, I got a bunch of "label=" strings as bullet points.

Edit: As others have pointed out, the more standard approach is to again use [], but next to each item in the list as in other answers on this page. If you tire of seeing square brackets on each line, try other approaches on this page :)

\item[] first item
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