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iOS Question

Change UIPageViewController Flip Animation

I have an

that changes
with page flip animation on default

enter image description here

Is it possible to replace this animation with simple slide-in/slide-out one? Like Android
does for example.

Here is my

var pageViewController = new UIPageViewController();
pageViewController.DataSource = new InfoViewControllerDataSource(this, _pageTitles);
pageViewController.SetViewControllers(new UIViewController[] { Pages[0] }, UIPageViewControllerNavigationDirection.Forward, false, null);
pageViewController.View.Frame = new CGRect(0, _toolbar.Frame.Bottom, this.View.Frame.Width, this.View.Frame.Size.Height);

Answer Source

You can do it from the Interface builder. Change the Transition style property to Scroll. If you want to do it programmatically, transitionStyle is a read-only property. It can only be done by this method

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