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Node.js Question

How do you find and remove a Mongoose subdocument within an array by its id?

I have the following mongoose schema:

name: String,
subArray: [
subName: String,
subNumber: Number

I've added objects to the subArray, which get automatically assigned an
. In Node.js, how do I find an object by
within the subArray and remove it?

Answer Source

You can se mongoose findOneAndUpdate along with $pull operator. So something like following would work (untested):

Model.findOneAndUpdate( {'subArray._id' : '55a19992474e7ded6b4ae2b0'} ,
    $pull: { subArray: { _id: '55a19992474e7ded6b4ae2b0' }}
  {new: true},
  function(err, doc){
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