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scaling x-axis in ggplot

I have an Object classt of

. I would like to plot this object with


structure(c(463829L, 469849L, 608148L, 470825L, 560057L, 431183L,
418000L, 508168L, 422579L, 589829L, 462264L, 487183L, 612174L,
467904L, 454620L, 450243L, 549898L, 422026L, 508311L, 385633L,
420200L, 619074L, 462605L, 465353L, 565804L, 464841L, 505977L,
624608L, 491175L, 459701L, 563406L, 461595L, 499607L, 674799L,
505167L, 637375L, 500131L, 473494L, 488527L, 613972L, 468938L,
454034L, 566511L, 456879L, 592797L, 491368L, 481690L, 597927L
), .Tsp = c(2012, 2015.91666666667, 12), class = "ts")

I woulf like to have also month numbers on my plot. I have tried this code:

autoplot(as.zoo(a2)) + geom_line()
+scale_x_date(format = "%b-%Y")

but I get this error:

Error in continuous_scale(aesthetics, "date", identity, breaks = breaks, :
unused argument (format = "%b-%Y")

What should I do to do this job? Like this plot but with month:
enter image description here

Answer Source

I think the problem is that the index to your time series is in decimal date (i.e., numeric) format, and scale_x_date is expecting something in date format.

Here's some code that gets close to what I think you want. It involves creating a zoo object with the index in date format first, then plotting that. Like:

a3 <- zoo(a2, order.by = as.Date(yearmon(index(a2))))
p <- autoplot(a3)
p + scale_x_date(date_breaks = "1 month")
  + theme(axis.text.x = element_text(angle = 90))

I think you'll want to tinker with the options in scale_x_date to improve the look of the result, but this should get you on the right path, I think.

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