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Python Question

Can you step through python code to help debug issues?

In java/c# you can easily step through code to trace what might be going wrong, and IDE's make this process very user friendly.

Can you trace through python code in a similiar fashion?

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Yes! There's a Python debugger called pdb just for doing that!

You can launch a Python program through pdb by using pdb or python -m pdb

There are a few commands you can then issue, which are documented on the pdb page.

Some useful ones to remember are:

  • b: set a breakpoint
  • c: continue debugging until you hit a breakpoint
  • s: step through the code
  • n: to go to next line of code
  • l: list source code for the current file (default: 11 lines including the line being executed)
  • u: navigate up a stack frame
  • d: navigate down a stack frame
  • p: to print the value of an expression in the current context

If you don't want to use a command line debugger, some IDEs like Pydev have a GUI debugger.

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