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C++ Question

Call constructor in if condition as a part of the comma expression?

Here is my code.


struct Sales_data {
Sales_data() = default;

std::string bookNo;
unsigned units_sold = 0;
double revenue = 0.0;

int main()
bool a = true;
if (Sales_data item, a)
std::cout << a << std::endl;

I don't know why the compiler tell me expression must have bool type (or be convertible to bool).

Answer Source

Because that's not a valid if-statement. It's not a valid statement of any kind, in any context. This is also invalid:

bool a;
Sales_data item, a;   // what does this mean?!

And this is invalid:

bool a;
bool b = Sales_data item, a;  // ???

In C++17 you can do what you want, but using different syntax:

if (Sales_data item; a)

This is analogous to the initializer in a for statement:

for (Sales_item item; expr; expr)

Statements must be separated by ; not commas.

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