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Write binary data to file, literally

I have an array of integers

[0] => Array
[0] => 1531412763
[1] => 1439959339
[2] => 76
[3] => 122
[4] => 200
[5] => 4550
[6] => 444

And so on, I suppose if I look at it as if it were a database - the elements of the outermost array are the rows and the elements of the inner arrays are the columns.

I want to save that information into a file, so that I will be able to retrieve it later but I want to save it as binary data to save space. Basically if I write the first integer from the example
to a file it will take up 10 bytes but if I could save it as a signed integer it would take up 4 bytes.

I have looked at a number of other answers which all suggest using
which I can't understand how to use in such manner?

Answer Source

For writing binary data to a file, you can use the functions pack() and unpack(). Pack will produce a binary string. As the result is a string, you can concatenate the ints into a single string. Then write this string as a line to your file.

This way you can easily read with file() which will put the file into an array of lines. Then just unpack() each line, and you have your original array back.

Something like this :

$arr = array(
    array ( 1531412763, 1439959339 ),
    array ( 123, 456, 789 ),

$file_w = fopen('binint', 'w+');

// Creating file content : concatenation of binary strings 
$bin_str = '';
foreach ($arr as $inner_array_of_int) {
    foreach ($inner_array_of_int as $num) {
        // Use of i format (integer). If you want to change format
        // according to the value of $num, you will have to save the
        // format too.
        $bin_str .= pack('i', $num);

    $bin_str .= "\n";

fwrite($file_w, $bin_str);

// Now read and test. $lines_read will contain an array like the original.
$lines_read = [];
// We use file function to read the file as an array of lines.
$file_r = file('binint');

// Unpack all lines
foreach ($file_r as $line) {
    // Format is i* because we may have more than 1 int in the line
    // If you changed format while packing, you will have to unpack with the
    // corresponding same format
    $lines_read[] = unpack('i*', $line);

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