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Javascript Question

Javascript Objects?

I have two Question which I am uncertain of.

  1. What happens and what are the rules when using this piece of coding:

var c = "Test";

$scope.data = {c : c};

The output returns
[object Object]
and console shows this value
Object {c: "Test"}

  1. If this value is returned to a C# based service how can I extract the value c from the object correctly?

I am using WCF RESTful service and my url looks like:

$http.post("http://localhost/TestService.svc/testdata/" + $scope.data)

Answer Source

When you do a POST to a service you should send the data as post data, as described in the docs for $http.

var url = "http://localhost/TestService.svc/testdata/";
var postData = { c: "Test" };
$http.post(url, postData);

Remember to configure your server action with Method="POST" to be able to receive POST data. The deserialization from the posted data is handled by WCF.

Another option is of course to use a PUT method, and append your data as query parameters to the URL. The URL would in that case look something like


If you have nested data in your model this will soon get tricky to handle though, and in that case a POST is the better option. Also; If you use PUT, remember to not expose your service to CSRF vulneratibilities in which an attacker gives a link to an authenticated user which then performs some unwanted actions.

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