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SQL Question

Displaying the constraints in a table

Hello I am trying to display the constraints in one of my tables but for some reason I get the message no rows selected. Noted below is the table I have created.

Create table Teams (
TeamID varCHAR2(4) constraint Teams_TeamID_PK Primary Key,
TeamName VARCHAR2(40)

This is the code I am using to show my constraints.

SELECT constraint_name,
WHERE table_name = 'Teams';

I am a rookie so I want to make sure I understand what is wrong. I have tried to drop the table thinking that my constraints did not take - I did not, nor did I receive any errors when I created the table and I am referencing TeamID in another table. So when I try to drop the table I get an error message when is what I was hoping for.

Answer Source

select dbms_mview.get_ddl('TABLE',USER,'TEAMS') from dual;

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